365 days of Self-Love Day 23

I am still listening to Brenee Brown with her book Daring Greatly. It is so packed with stuff that I feel that I need to study this book. Its like the text book on how to bring wholeheartedness and true belonging to life. In her book she mentioned her first Tedx talk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4Qm9cGRub0). In this talk, she says: “Connection is why we are here. Connection give purpose and meaning to our lives … What we know is that connection, the ability to feel connected is neurobiologically how we’re wired. It’s why we are here.”

I noticed this sentence because I have wondered for a while, why is there people with whom we feel connected and others we don’t. Or even why some conversations leave us feeling connected, while other conversations with the same person leaves us unmoved.

I can not yet put into word how Brenee Brown explains that it comes down to courage, vulnerability, and self-love.


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