Gratitude 300

Today I participated in a telecall on the potency of gratitude. The facilitator talked about being grateful about everything in our lives, not just picking and choosing things to be grateful for. Actually, he suggested to be grateful for everything and everyone in our lives. This is very different than looking at my day and looking for something to be grateful for. It would be more being grateful by default. Looking at everything and everyone for the awareness that it gives me…
Looking at gratitude as an attitude I choose no matter what sounds very different… What else is possible?


Gratitude 298

I didn’t see the Prime Minister in Whistler today, but I saw some of officers who were hitting the slopes to keep him safe!
On another note, I watched a video on how to have better conversations. In it, the speaker talked about being “prepared to be amazed”. I love that idea. I’ll have more of that.
I am grateful for having time to waste on Facebook!

Gratitude 295

Hello Gary and Dain,
I wanted to express my gratitude for you and the tools of Access Consciousness.
Today, I became aware of how I have changed: I don’t take everything personally anymore. And that has allowed me to be so much happier. And I know it is thanks to you guys and your facilitation in seeing things differently.
Thank you so much.