Gratitude 86

I am grateful or my colleagues who welcomed me Gratitude:
I am grateful or my colleagues who welcomed me back to work with big smiles! How did I get so lucky? to work with big smiles! How did I get so lucky?

Gratitude 85

 I am grateful for an amazing evening: getting my bars run on the beach at sunset before the fireworks of the festival of light, including a parachute show. 

How does it get any better than that?



Gratitude 82

Focusing on gratitude can be like gold panning. The pan is filled with dirt and water a lot more than filled with gold. The focus determines what is seen…

I am in class, stretching my comfort zone, changing. It’s gritty and muddy. And I am grateful for the awarenesses I receive from all this. 

What is your gold today?

Gratitude 80

I was pondering on gratitude and nothing was coming up. So I asked my roommate: what are you grateful for today? She replied and her replied inspired me and allowed me to connect with what I am grateful for. So I wonder who could you ask what they are grateful for to, in order to increase gratitude for you?

Gratitude 79

I love being inspired. To me being inspired is like being deeply, truly alive. I am grateful for those inspiring words from Christel Crawford:

“As you are trying to expand the visibility of your business, what can you contribute to people to actually give them the tools to be more of what they’d like to be… … What can you put out there that would contribute to people having what you’re having?”

I am not exactly expanding my business other than the business of my happy life. And what Christel wrote makes me notice when I share the things I know with people. Like talking about communicating with our body with the person sitting next to me on the plane. I wonder what that will create in his world… Even if nothing shows up for him, for me, the expression on his face when his eyes looked like saucers was priceless!

Happy, thank you, more please!

Gratitude 77

In the plane, I watched the movie “about time”. At the end of the movie, the main character who can travel through time, relives his day a second time exactly the same but while appreciating every little details more. And then he learns to appreciate the little details the first time around. I am grateful for this inspiring movie. 

What little detail can we appreciate today to add to our lives?