Hello beautiful beings !
Yesterday, Rolly suggested we go on a hike to Wedge Mount.
I don’t really like hiking but I do it because it is supposed to be good for me. I asked my body if she wanted to go. I was sure my body would say no to a steep hike. But to my surprise I got a “Yes”. I was specifically surprise because I went there 8 years ago and I know it is a strenuous hike.
During the hike, I used the question “If I want to create Joy, what would I choose?” I used the Access Consciousness clearing with every judgement that came up.
I had an awesome time! I admired the trees, the springs, the blue sky, a red mushroom, and I was able to take it all in, in a way I had never been able before.
I was even able to receive energy from the moss! It was magic!
I definitely changed my point of view about hiking! It can be so much fun!
How does it get any better than that?