Gratitude 271

I watched a show where the characters quote Orson Wells about happy ending depending on where you stop your story. I stopped watching a show once in the middle of a season when all the characters had a happy moment by the end of that one episode…
I am grateful for feel good movies or shows where all is well at the end.


Gratitude 270

I am grateful for a friend’s birthday celebration. I got to see people I hadn’t seen in a long time and talk about things I love to talk about.
The men in the group did a beautiful rendition of the happy birthday song by joining their deep voices and the restaurant staff surprised us with multicolored confetti that matched the Christmas light outside. So much delight!


Gratitude 269

The other day, at work, the water got turned off in the building around lunch time. So there was no water to drink or to wash our dishes, and no water to flush the toilets. We were asked to go somewhere else if we needed to use the facilities.
It made me realize how lucky we are to have access to facilities all the time.
I am grateful for running water and for Access to warm clean facilities.

Gratitude 268

This morning in the elevator up to my desk, after I said “hello” one of my colleagues, he said to me: you are way too cheerful. I suppose he meant too cheerful for this early in the morning or while being on our way to work. I was surprised because I myself didn’t feel quite awake. So I didn’t know what to say but I enjoyed the fact that I can sound cheerful even without trying.
And that reminded me of something I heard about: wild enthusiasm. What would it be like to wake up every morning with wild enthusiasm for my life?
I am grateful for the compliment: I’ll take “too cheerful” anytime.