Gratitude 238

During my work out yesterday, the coach turned up the music theoretically to inspire me. And I thought: I hate this music. And I remembered one of my friends telling me she hated accounting just before her accounting exam. I had told her that saying such things are not helping. So I listen to my own advice and told myself: I love this music. I noticed later that after repeating that a couple of times, I did not notice the music for the rest of the work out….
Maybe I was breathing too hard to hear it or changing what I told myself made a difference. Either way, I am grateful for remembering to change what I tell myself.


Gratitude 237

I made a new year resolution last year: to care for my body to be a healthy 80 year old. Today, part of this resolution is to move my body more. So I had my first Crossfit orientation work out. So far so good. I even noticed the endorphins kick in after.
I am grateful for my body and being able to learn more about moving it.

Gratitude 232

Something strange happened today: I suddenly had energy to clean out my paper drawer. I pulled out stuff from 4 years ago. My personal rule is once a year, but apparently I had slipped!
I am grateful for the sudden motivation!

Gratitude 229

I found a note I wrote down a while back from a book, The Strangest Secret, that suggested to look at life as holidays on Earth. When you look at what you are doing as part of your holidays on Earth, it changes the mood of things.
I am grateful for seeing things under a different angle.