Gratitude 227

My car is 8 years old. For a bit of renewal, I wanted to paint my car orange, but it is more expansive than going to a class so I gave up the idea as I prefer going to a class. Instead, I decided to do a little decorating. I am grateful for the joy I got from the result. And each time I get in or out of my car, I get to smile to myself. Happy, thank you, more please!




Gratitude 226

I am grateful we nearly went to the Scandinave Spa for the bath experience: we did go there, walk through the snowy forest on the beautiful path that gets there and took a picture, but then we found out that the wood fire sauna was closed for repairs. So we decided to go another time. Instead we drove home through the neighborhoods to admire the houses and trees covered in snow. And then I had a bubble bath. It is not the same landscape than the Scandinave Spa, but there is much less chlorine and bubbles feel so delicious!


Gratitude 222

On the bus this morning, there was a man (maybe 30 years older than me) that was looking at pictures on an iPhone with a big smile on his face. After smiling and scrolling through them he turned his phone around for all to see and said: “a beach in Maui. My daughter sent me those pictures. Isn’t that a great start of the day!” and then he added waving towards his phone: “I can’t believe those little boxes!”
I am grateful for this man’s cheer and the magic of cellphones especially when they don’t die after a dive in the toilet bowl! I love magic. Happy, thank you more please.

Gratitude 221

After a missed attempt earlier this week, I may have managed to murder my cellphone via drowning in a toilet bowl. Luckily, it was a very clean toilet bowl… I am grateful for all the energetic clearings I did last week around making mistakes because I am finding this funny.
I am grateful that my only problem today is a possible dead phone.

Gratitude 219

I went to the doctor for a check up and he said that since my cholesterol was good after forty years old it will stay good for the rest of my life. I am grateful for this wonderful body I have that is so magical at digesting.
Happy thank you more please!