If you’ve been searching for more enjoyment, more appreciation, more something out of life, you’re in the right place! I coach to empower people to find more joy, more magic, and more vibrant living!


For me, joy is a feeling of well-being that is independent from my outside circumstances. Being happy just because, and discovering what joy is – the possibilities are endless.

Magic makes me think of the ability to be in awe, to perceive energies, rediscover intuition, and the ability to change things. Wayne Dyer says “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” That’s one way to create magic!

Vibrant living is feeling alive and excited about life – participating and creating. There is an energetic difference between having a good life and enjoying living.


What would it take for you to reclaim the part of you that knows how to create Joy and Magic? How can you reach out and receive more of what you want? It is possible, and probably easier than you think!

I can guide you with growth coaching, and Geotran™. My own enjoyment of life significantly increased when I started learning more about it and using it, and I want to share that success with others. Let’s help you clear up the blockage in your life – reduce anxiety, address low self-esteem, deal with specific stressful events…

What else is possible?