Gratitude 329

Today after lunch, I was pulling out the meat off off a roasted chicken to make it easier to use later. As I was easily separating the meat from the carcass, I felt it: how lucky am I that I can just buy a cooked chicken will all the work done for me?

Gratitude 326

Today, I was talking with a friend about choices I made in the last twenty years and coming to the realization that I would still choose the same today. I am grateful for the feeling of no regrets.
What choices have you made that you would make again?

Gratitude 321

I started a nutrition challenge. For six weeks, just meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. Mainly for me that means no chocolate (I don’t like dark chocolate).
I keep my fancy chocolate stash in our bedroom so this week-end, each time I got at the top of the stairs to our bedroom, I heard “chocolate?” In the same tone than a dog asking “squirrel?”
I am grateful that it was easy enough to resist temptation.


Gratitude 320

I love this time of year, just after the time change, when it’s 7:30 PM and it’s surprisingly still light out. After a few weeks, we get used to the extra light but for a few days we get to be surprised, or grateful!