Yesterday, I ran someone’s Bars. It was her first Bars session. After the session, she said that she had never felt so relaxed. I feel grateful that I got to participate in this special moment. Happy thank you more please!



 I am grateful for an afternoon at the lake. I am grateful for who ever invented rubber dinghies. They are so much fun. 

I am grateful for friends who shared gratitude and related subjects with me. 

What are you enjoying today about your day?



I am grateful for my new personal shopper. What an incredible feeling to wear cloth that both my body and I enjoy. There is a bit of stretching my comfort zone involved and so much joy!

What are you grateful for today?


I am grateful for the wonderful women who came to class last night. It is so energizing to be with people who are making their life better and better and better and better…
And then I dreamed that I was in class with Gary and Dain!

How does it get any better than that?


This weekend, I met a woman who talked about what she is passionate about. It was such a beautiful experience. She also said how she feels the beauty of the forest when she goes on a bike ride. 
It made me think about how I want to feel more gratitude. So I did some more Internet research and found this article. 

It gives an example on how to practice feeling more gratitude and it has lightheartedness in it. 

And a lot of it matches something I could have written.


I found out that the phone company charged us $15 extra for our Internet for going over 100GB. 

I was so rilled up. And in the middle of this tornado of energies (they are lucky they were closed when I fist found out), I wondered how could I bring some gratitude to this? And it made me laugh: I have the luxury to get upset about unimportant things… How does it get any better than that?

I am grateful for the wonderful invention that is the Internet and I wonder what I can create when I call the phone company…


I watched a Tedx talk from David Steindl Rast. He talks about grateful living. He talks about slowing down to take the opportunity to enjoy. And once we enjoy, it is easier to be grateful. His method is simple: “Stop, look, go” like crossing a street. He gives the example of little stickers that he has put on his light switches and water taps to remind himself to stop and enjoy the fact that he has running potable water and electricity. 

What could we stop and enjoy today?