Gratitude 179

I had a great visit with my Canadian family who helped me when I arrived 18 years ago. What a delight to connect even if we don’t see each other often.
I am grateful for a sweet connection that contributes to the juiciness of my life. Happy thank you more please!

Gratitude 178

I got to experience being so excited by what I am creating at work that I don’t want to stop creating at the end of the workday… It’s work that doesn’t feel like work.
I am grateful for the opportunity to do something I am good at, something I love doing.

Gratitude 177

Appreciating the small things in life sounds like a good idea and it sounds simple. For me it requires training or awareness or something.
Yesterday, I took part in a wonderful inner child meditation led by Joe Vitale. There is something about the way children are able to be in awe or delighted by the small things.
And this morning, I feel delighted by my tea kettle/cup combo.
I am grateful for the ability to be delighted.



Gratitude 175

Juicy living today: I got loaded to be first out of the ferry. I did not need the extra time saved by not waiting to unload but it was really fun to be first out! And also really fun to bump into my brother-in-law and his wife on the ferry and both ask of each other “What are you doing here?”
I am grateful for creating more juiciness in my life.


Gratitude 174

One of my friends was telling me about enjoying the “douceur de vivre” in Italy… it translates somewhat with the sweetness of life except for the word douceur not sucrée. Maybe more the softness of life…
Either way, I wondered what could I enjoy today that would relate to the “douceur de vivre”. Well I’m not in Italy, but the sun warming my skin this afternoon was exquisite. And the prospect of a dinner out celebrating friendship.
I am grateful that even if it took me all day, I was able to extract some sweetness of life today!

Gratitude 172

I was thinking about my gratitude post this morning feeling pretty uninspired. I was feeling a bit blah for no specific reason. Then I remembered that in some classes I take we talk about moving energy to change how we feel. I know I have done it in the past. Then I thought of this video of the jumping goat and here is what I found out:
If you feel blah, find an empty public washroom and jump like a baby goat in front of the mirror. Make sure you tilt your head to the side. After a few jump, the energy of blah will have shifted!
I am grateful for inspiring happy goats.

Gratitude 171

I rang the bell to request my bus stop, one stop too early. Since I was early I decided to walk instead of telling the driver I asked for the wrong stop. It was dark out and I was planning on taking a side street to get to my office faster. I wondered about my safety and remembered that I used to take that side street every day for a while. So I took it while being aware of my surrounding and arrived safely at my office.
That reminded me how i so rarely wonder about my safety.
I am grateful for feeling safe where I live.