After our coaching session, my time at home went very well. I was completely at peace. I used the genetic line code numerous times to shift when needed. I was able to be free, be in love and acceptance of myself and my surroundings. Thank you for your guidance and support. 🦋
Lea, Canada

Working with Mélinda as a Geotran coach has sealed Geotran in me in such a way that it’s like Geotran has become a part of me. I was recently in a stressful situation that was important to me. I noticed that I did Geotran on myself without deciding to do so. The outcome was that I was able to stay present in the situation and really listen. With Geotran, I was able to help myself in the moment.
Grace, USA

I was in a difficult time during my life, I had just made a lot of changes and was experiencing a lot of heavy emotions and sadness. A friend recommended a session of Geotran with MĂ©linda and I went for it. After just one session, I felt so much lighter, and clear. Within 2 weeks I started experiencing joy again.
Bippan, Canada

I am really noticing what Geotran has done for me. It has changed my way of being and thinking.

Situations that would cause stress like events coming up while not feeling fully prepared would cause me to spin out, become overwhelmed and maybe even cancel out of it. The stress would sometimes stop me from being able to follow through on something that could be great.

Now, this old pattern is gone. I absolutely know that I can handle anything. And if I am not prepared, then I’ll just get prepared. I’ll carve that time out.

Geotran has allowed me to take things in stride. I can just enjoy the anticipation of the event, like a photo shoot, and have fun with it and know that the photos will be great. And if I forgot a prop, it is A ok. It feels so good to know that I can operate like that.

I noticed it today as I realized “Oh, I am not stressed.” I am operating differently naturally, organically. It is the first choice that my mind is wanting to go to. The choice is ease, peace, faith, belief in myself. My brain also wants to choose fun. Why would we make this stressful when we can make it fun.

Another way this is showing up for me is: we have a really big move next week.

I believe in my heart of heart that I will be able to have fun while moving my entire house and my family from one place to the next.
Raime, USA

Thank you so much for the course, Melinda. I can’t fully express the mixture of curiosity and excitement that you’ve inspired in me. Going through the information you provided has had a profound impact on me; I can’t help but think that you’ve provided me with something incredibly valuable – a missing piece in my quest to live the life I want to live. Thank you for sharing your story and passion for Geotran, it made the experience both motivating and light.
Trevor, Canada

I feel seen, heard and greatly championed by you. You always know EXACTLY what to say to support me in getting to the next best place where I can begin to pick myself back up.
Lana, USA

You have helped me be an unapologetic woman. You are kind and fierce. You get it and you are comfortable with pushing. You interrupt patterns in a powerful way.
Melina, Canada