About Me :)


A long time ago, I lost my joy. I must have taken a sharp turn, and it fell off the wagon. The problem was, on the outside, my life was great! I felt like anyone in my shoes should be happy… but I wasn’t. I was going through the motion, missing something.

In 2011, I started a quest to reconnect with joy. I want joy for me, and for everyone else on the planet. I want enthousiasm for being alive, and gratitude for my life.

Only you can say what is important to you – what I have is a gift to help you find it, because I can see things from a different angle. When you look at things differently, you create space, and from that space a new choice can arise.

Living from conscious choice instead of unconscious reaction allows for more joy.

I can share what has worked for me so that you can embark on your own journey to bring more joy in your life.

How does that sound?