Gratitude 360

Today, when I arrived in the office there was a bouquet of orange flower! Since I was alone there, I moved it from its location to sit on my desk so that I could admire it through out the day!
I am grateful for orange bouquet of flowers.



Gratitude 359

I read an awesome post from Blossom Benedict (sorry I couldn’t share it).
She talked about a special product that she had been purchasing for years, and enjoying for years when suddenly it was no longer available.
She found out that it used to be made by a family on a small scale. She realized that they had never known how much she enjoyed their product, how her life was improved by this product and how grateful she was for their work…
On that note I am grateful for Sunpic chipolte Mayo from Faxio Food and the recipe of banana pancakes!

Gratitude 358

Yesterday, I was talking with Rolly and he said something that made me reply: “you’re my number one fan!”
And it dawned on me: I married my number 1 fan! How did I get so lucky?
My number one fan could be someone I am not interested in and my husband could have some other person in mind to be a fan of…
I am grateful for my number 1 fan and all my other fans!!!

Gratitude 357

Yesterday, I went to Seattle for an evening class on healing the effect of abuse that is stuck in the body.
I felt such excitement at the idea of being able to drive to this far far away land (from my European perspective).
I went there and back in the span of 12 hours and each time I crossed the border the custom officer asked if it was my car. It’s a standard question but what was funny was the look on their face when they each followed the line of flowers along side my car…
I am grateful for allowing myself to go on outrageous adventures and for smooth travels.
I am grateful for the peace and nurturing I experienced from gifting and receiving the treatment we learned in class.


Gratitude 355

I had a great conversation with my dad today: we talked about an ancient native legend saying that God or the gods created human by first imagining (thinking) him/her. (If you know about this legend, PM me, I’d love to know more).
We also talk about how you “attract” what you are interested in: when you get a new car, you suddenly notice how that model seems to be everywhere… That’s what happens with gratitude: from putting my interest on it, it now shows up in my life more and more. How does it get any better than that?
I am grateful for a great conversation.

Gratitude 354

Today, Rolly agreed to do a work out with me. I finished my 6 weeks challenge, and I’d like to continue but it is harder to do that alone. At the end of the workout he even said let’s go running now.
As we left our building, running side by side, I told Rolly: “Look at us running together: we’re so trendy!” We both laughed.
I am grateful for attempting to stay healthy together.

Gratitude 353

I read on Facebook a post that said something like we attract what we believe or what we think or something along those lines. I didn’t quite pay attention because I don’t think I really believe that. But if it is true, I must believe or think something great to have such a great life.
I am grateful for what is showing up in my life.

Gratitude 352

A friend of mine who is a few years older than me was talking about her body and something that she no longer has. She said “when my body was like this, I never knew that I would one day miss that”.
I am grateful for all the things about my body that I don’t know I will miss.
Thank you body.