Gratitude 349

Last night, I took a detour “by accident” and ended up driving by the ocean just at sunset. I turned in a side street to watch it and found parking straight away.
As I am admiring the beautiful orange, my favorite of all favorites, sunset orange, I see two woman with binoculars looking in another direction. I get behind them to see what they are looking at, maybe a seal or a boat. Just as one of them says “Oh my god!”, I see the dorsal of a whale come out of the water! How magical to get to see the sunset and a whale, by accident!
I am grateful for being at the right place at the right time. How did I get so lucky?




Gratitude 346

I had a class this weekend, including Monday. When I did my work schedule, I took Monday off but then I had 2 hours that I needed to put somewhere so I figured, I’d work for two hours before class. I guess my body was not interested in this plan because I totally forgot about it until the end of the day!
I am grateful for my flexible work schedule and the ability to take vacation time for hours I forgot to work!

Gratitude 343

I created some magic: a couple of days ago, I was falling down the rabbit hole of a little pity-party (feeling sorry for myself). I was going along the party when one of the things I was telling myself jerked me out of the hole: it was something like “No one loves me”. And that is so untrue that it invalidated all the other negative thoughts that were going on at the same time. It was amazing how my mood shifted instantaneously.
And that got me to being grateful for all the caring I receive. How did I get so lucky?