Advanced Geotran™ Classes

After the Introduction to Geotran, the next level class is the Gems of Excellence Course I and Gems of Excellence Course 2.

The Gems of Excellence program, created by Dorothy Wood Espiau, is a system of energy clearings, corrections, and integrations to improve emotional health, clear soul level conditions, and reconnect the person with their spirit.

Our bodies hold the remembrance of accidents, shock, trauma, grief, loss and frustration with the same measure — and perhaps more — than they hold the remembrance of wonder, discernment, and growth. Our bodies are living books, recording all things said and unsaid, seen and unseen. We can hold these memories of stress for many years and they can act as a magnet to attract more stress, destroying our quality of life until they are cleared. The Gems of Excellence is a methodology for de-stressing and clearing the emotional memories that keep your body traumatized.

Once you have attended the Course 1 and Course 2 of the Gems of Excellence program, you can attend any other advanced class.

For 2022, I co-facilitate the following advanced classes with Patty Kettering:

Planetary Self-Healing Integration: December 30, 2022

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