Gratitude 260

Today, on Granville Street, I saw a man seatted outside a café. I actually heard him first. He sounded like he was laughing his head off. From the look and the sound of him he may have been crazy. But he seemed to have a really good time. What would it take to be willing to look and sound crazy more often to have more fun?
I remember one day feeling so joyful that I wanted to dance while walking down the street. I didn’t dare but I am grateful for experiencing being “folle de joie” (joy crazy? Crazy with joy? Crazy of joy?).


Gratitude 259

Today I got to drive down a road that was so steep that it feels like going down a roller coaster. I love driving up or down those roads. You wouldn’t see a road that steep in Europe because a horse and carriage could not go up or down such a steep road…
Anyway as I was passing the roller coaster crest I thought to myself: “Look a love-my-life moment!”
I am grateful for the opportunity to be on a roller coaster in my car!

Gratitude 258

My mum wrote me an email about the things she is grateful for. She says she is grateful for having a perfect daughter, of course but she also said something like: “I am grateful for my year of birth (1950) because it makes it easy to calculate my age. If I had been born in 1949 or 1953, I would have been in trouble…

I am grateful for the giggle.

Gratitude 257

I received a belated Christmas present. It was a box full of bags of chocolate. When I opened the box, it looked like a treasure chest. I couldn’t take a picture because the treasure was dispersed immediately upon opening.
I am grateful for receiving a treasure chest.

Gratitude 256

I was visiting a friend of mine who has skylights in her living room. I love skylights. I told her that if I had skylights I would have a couch under them so that I can lie on the couch and look at the beautiful blue sky through the skylights. Lying on the couch looking at the sky, would be a love-my-life moment.
I am grateful for love-my-life moments showing up.

Gratitude 255

At work, I went to the security office to get my picture taken for a new building pass. The woman in that office took a first photo and showed it to me asking if I liked it. It was pretty boring. She indicated that I was allowed to smile. So she took a second picture where I smiled but it was blurry.
So just before the third picture, I said “I love my job” the woman thought that it was so funny that she burst out laughing and she couldn’t hold the camera steady for a bit. In all that laughter, she managed to take a pretty good picture. I am grateful for laughter and for a smiling work id.


Gratitude 253

Tonight I made my own Pad Thai sauce for the first time, based on my inspiration. It was awesome! I also enjoyed cooking on a gas stove. The flavors seem to come out different.
I am grateful for having fun creating something new to me.

Gratitude 252

This morning I was driving to the ferry terminal for the 7:00 am ferry. As I was getting close, I see a big sign saying possible sailing wait. What! I was half an hour early for the first ferry of the day, on a week day, no holiday traffic and the next ferry was 2 hours later. When I got to the booth, the lady confirmed that she could not confirm which ferry I would get as it would depend on the loading. I got in with 2 cars behind me before they stopped loading.
I am grateful I did not have to wait 2 hours for the next ferry. How did I get so lucky?
I am also grateful that it was warm enough on the ferry.