Gratitude 251

I am grateful for beautiful colors in the sky and being able to admire them.



Gratitude 250

Today, I had a great conversation with a friend of mine about what it would take to appreciate our lives more and we asked ourselves some great questions.
I also got to remind myself why I do these posts. And then I got to register for a telecall titled the potency of gratitude. How does it get any better than that?

Gratitude 246 – Happy

I am grateful for a magical encounter:
I was in a crowed bus today, standing in front of an old lady’s walker when she said: “Do you want me to get you a seat? I have a big mouth you know.” I wondered if under all my layers of clothing she thought I was pregnant. I told her that I had a big mouth too so I could ask for a sit myself if I needed. She went on to tell me that in 2000, she had colon cancer at St Paul’s hospital and 2 different doctors told her she was going to die. So when she ended up surviving she told herself: “Anne you’ve been quiet all your life, it is time to change” and she added to me: I have no shut up ever since.
And then holding out a stack of cards, she said do you want a hug?
The lady sorted next to her left so I got to ride with her the rest of the way. She distributed more hugs to the people standing around. She told me a bunch of stuff and then I asked her: would you say that you are happy? And she answered: Yes, at 91 years old, I am finally happy.


Gratitude 244

When thinking about gratitude lately, I have asked myself additional questions: what did I like today about my day? What do I love that I got to experience today? What story did I tell myself that brighten my mood or made me smile?
I am grateful for all the things that come to mind when I ask myself those questions.