Gratitude 290

I love it when unknown people wish me a great day. It totally worked! I am grateful for a great day!



Gratitude 289

We discovered zone boarding in the States a few years ago and I was getting very frustrated over several flights with being relegated to zone 7 (the last zone to board with no room left for carry-on luggage)…
Last night I got to board in zone 2. I felt so special! I am grateful for the feeling of feeling special.

Gratitude 288

I wonder about the feeling of gratitude. I think of the feeling of gratitude as a sensation I feel through my body. That feeling/sensation had been more present in my life since I started my gratitude posts, but I know that more is possible. So I wonder what it would take to create more sensation of gratitude in my life.
And I am grateful for wondering about new possibilities

Gratitude 287

I share what I am grateful for, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t experience grumpiness sometimes. I heard or read somewhere that if one is grumpy, one should go full out in grumpiness. No trying to hide it or stuff it down, be the Oscar winner of grumpiness.
So I got to practice that today in my car. And it turns out that it is really funny to be the grumpiest possible.
I am grateful for being able to be grumpy and joyful at the same time!

Gratitude 285

Today I said out loud to Rolly “I am glad we have choices”.
Often the choice we have is mostly about what we choose to tell ourselves about how we view a situation. But today we had the choice to not go to the Scandinave Spa for the second time in 2 months. It seemed like a good idea and a lot more people had had the same fantastic idea.
I am grateful for having choices.

Gratitude 281

My niece was discussing with my dad the fact that she couldn’t fall asleep so he suggested that she goes back to bed and thinks about three things that she had enjoyed in her day or in her life. She reported the next day that the exercise had been effective for her to fall asleep. How does it get any better than that?
I am grateful for gratitude spreading in my world.

Gratitude 280

I am grateful for taking 15 minutes to sit in the sun today. What a delight!
And then a wonderful sunset with glass buildings glowing orange and a bit later a little sliver of the moon like a cherry on top.
And then, I invited myself over for dinner at a friend’s place for a wonderful casserole.
How does it get any better than that?