Gratitude 279

Today, I was really glad I didn’t have to drive to Vancouver from Whistler together with thousands of people who all wanted to leave at the same time.
What is the difference if there is one between being glad and being grateful.

Gratitude 278

I am grateful for a sweet day today:
It started with a little upside down: I whipped out on some ice and laughed at myself thinking “même pas mal”. The ice had been covered in snow. After initially walking away I went back to see if the imprint of my fall was of any interest. It did look like someone’s signature but the laughter had already passed.
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and sweet.
How does it get any better than that?


Gratitude 274

If there was nothing special about my day, what could I choose to be happy about?
I created an amazing desert:
I sliced a banana on a plate and on top of it I sliced a couple of white chocolate Lindt (with the creamy inside) and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It was delicious!!!

Gratitude 273

Today, I was uninspired to write what I am grateful for. So I asked myself: what was most important about today for me?
That got me to really review my day. I guess it was rich in little things but at first, they all seemed ordinary. So I did a little reframing and asked of me to look at how to see those ordinary things as special…
It did create a shift and I remembered a detail: I went to a chiropractic appointment and during the appointment, I had an insight. I love having insights! I am grateful for the Chiropractic session leading to a great insight!