Gratitude:Rolly and I were on our way to the village for a free concert and I asked him if he would be willing to verbalize gratitude with me every evening following the recommendation from Dc Anthony Mattis. 

He said “Sure, I can use the same three things every day”…

Me: “Fine. What are your three things”

Him: Now?

Me: Yes. 

Him: My lovely wife (he kind of had to because of the “Fine” above :), where I live and free concerts. 

Me: (big Smile). Actually, the three things need to be about the day we just had. So it can not be always the same things every day. 

So this reminded me of something about gratitude. A part of increasing gratitude in our lives is to extend gratitude to others, telling others when we are grateful for. But the other part is receiving the gratitude (thank yous) others give us. 

For that, I am grateful Rolly is grateful for me!


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