Yesterday, I had a realization: when I am excited about something, it is easy to add gratitude for the excitement or for what I am excited about. I love being excited about something.
I wonder if we are sometimes grateful for things but not conscious about it and therefore missing out on the benefit of perceiving gratitude…
What else is possible?

The day after watching the videos on gratitude I mentionned, I reopened the book I am reading “Prosperity Consciousness” from Chutisa and Steven Bowman. I had put it aside for the last month or so.
And when I opened it, the title of the section I had stopped at was “The power of Gratitude”!
And then 2 days later we received a newsletter at work where the first thing is a picture of a guy holding a sign that says “Gratitude”!
I love it when the Universe is showing such an obvious trail!
Happy, Thank you, more please! What else is possible?

The woman who talked about her 365 day commitment to gratitude also mentioned that as she was looking at what she was grateful for, more and more things showed up that she was grateful for.
It’s been like that for me, those past few days, as I am reflecting on gratitude, I notice more beautiful things around me and I am grateful for them.
I am grateful for all the vibrant spring flowers that I get to see around Vancouver: such a contribution to my vibrant life!

From the book “Prosperity Consciousness” written by Chutisa and Steven Bowman:
“Gratitude feels awesome. It gives us a spring in our steps and a twinkle in our eyes. Gratitude creates a space and a sense of richness and aliveness so that every day becomes a celebration.”
What else is possible to have more of that? I wonder…


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