365 days of gratitude

May 5, 2015 – Gratitude
After watching a youtube video on cabinet beds, I saw on the suggested video list a Tedx talk on Gratitude. It was so odd to see it suggested after a video on furniture that I watched it. That, and I am interested in Gratitude…
Several videos later I had gathered the following information on Gratitude:
– Just writing / thinking about our gratitude is not enough: we have to feel it / bring up the energy of it.
– Sharing gratitude increases it. We can create a gratitude culture in our family and at work.
– Commitment to gratitude is also a key to bringing more into our lives.
One of the presenters, talked about a 365 days Facebook post about gratitude as a way to commit to gratitude. I really like the idea so here I am: I am committing to gratitude. Feel free to ignore my posts or to participate and share your gratitude stories with me along the way.
Happy Gratitude travels!


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