365 days of Self-Love Day 30

This week-end, I participated in a session of purposeful socializing. It’s a zoom event where the facilitator asks specific questions that promote connection and we go to breakout rooms in groups of 4 or 5 to answer the question. I have attended 3 of them so far and I love those events. (Let me know if you want to attend, it’s free). This week-end the subject of belonging came up. That’s one of my favorite subject from the angle of human connection. What makes us feel connected to other humans and feel that we belong? I hear in books and courses that the feeling of belonging is an inside job. Is it the same for the feeling of being connected? I have had conversations with my mum where I feel connected and others where I don’t. I am starting to discover what the difference is between those conversations. I believe that increasing our self-love is part of that inside job necessary to the feeling of belonging.


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