Gratitude 139

I am excited. I am grateful for being excited.
I am going on a day trip adventure to Seattle.
I remember when Seattle was a city I had heard of, far far away, that belonged to another world. And now, I get to go just for the day.
How does it get any better than that?
In my excitement, I forgot to post this. I am also grateful for my joymobile and wonderful traveling companions.


Gratitude 138

For me, gratitude is to increase my feeling of awe. When we grow up we lose our ability to appreciate, to be in awe, to do what gives us joy. Sure, there is the fact that after a while we easily get “been there done that”, but we don’t have to.
I love sunsets no matter how many I’ve seen. So I sometimes go out of my way to see one and in doing so I practice increasing my sense of awe at the beauty I see in the sunset.
Where else could we cultivate my sense of awe?

Gratitude 137

My dad and I debated about the meaning of the word gratitude. In French, the word is strongly attached to the synonym of indebtedness (obligation en français). My perception is that in English it isn’t. I found a small explanation on that:
” Comparison with indebtedness (obligation):
Gratitude is not the same as indebtedness. While both emotions occur following help, indebtedness occurs when a person perceives that they are under an obligation to make some repayment of compensation for the aid. The emotions lead to different actions; indebtedness can motivate the recipient of the aid to avoid the person who has helped them, whereas gratitude can motivate the recipient to seek out their benefactor and to improve their relationship with them.”
And gratitude can also arrise independently from any help received. I can be grateful for someone just because I like this person, not just because they help me.

Either way, when I talk about gratitude, I am referring to the synonym appreciation. There is something that happens inside of us when we acknowledge the things or people we appreciate. It’s magical!

Gratitude 136

I was driving behind a car that had the word windmobile written on it. I thought it was like automobile, a vehicle related to wind. The next second I realised it was written WIND mobile, as in the mobile phone company. Still I liked the idea of a windmobile. And I thought my car could be a joymobile. I love my car. It’s cozy, gives me freedom, and lots of great awarenesses happen while I am in my car.
I am grateful for my joymobile!

Gratitude 135

Waiting for sunset colors that didn’t show up, we were greated by a seal. I know on the picture it looks like a log, but just before that there was a full head out of the water with big eyes and a cute nose…
I feel so lucky to have time to just sit on a log on the beach and watch the world go by.



Gratitude 134

“It thrills your soul to find pleasure through the senses.  List what you like by sight, hearing and touch… Explore what you like through your senses to be in closer contact with your soul.”
I don’t remember where I copied this from but I find it inspiring to be more conscious about what I experience through the senses.  What is easiest for me to be aware of is taste (food). So I try to experiment with other senses. Lately, I have been really found of soft blankets that feel like teddy bears. I am also looking for soft fleece type fabric with unicorn print on it to make face blankets for my massage table craddle. If you happen to see any in your sensory travel, let me know!
I am grateful for the softness of my blanket on my skin, the colors I get to see, the danse of sounds I get to hear, the smell of delicious cooking and of course the taste of the first bite I take…

Gratitude 133

I participated in a healing day with Joseph Mina and he told us that the new moon is the perfect time to set an intention and this one even more so. My intention is to enjoy my life and my body more and more and more and more…
What is your intention?
I am grateful for the wonderful beings who participated in this graceful healing day. ❤

Gratitude 132

I am reading the book “Curing the Incurable” from Liam Phillips and he asks:
“Could there be gratitude in acknowledgement? … Gratitude is a key to a happy, vibrant body and life.”
He talks about acknowledging our body when all is well or when we have a pleasurable experiences.
I am grateful for my miraculous body.
And I am grateful that Liam Phillips is coming to Whistler:

Gratitude 131

My friend said: “I saw something running by” and a couple of seconds later we see this black bear cub climbing one of the ancient cedar we were admiring. Grateful to make it home safe from mama bear who showed up shortly after. She gave us the look and we scurried away…