Gratitude 134

“It thrills your soul to find pleasure through the senses.  List what you like by sight, hearing and touch… Explore what you like through your senses to be in closer contact with your soul.”
I don’t remember where I copied this from but I find it inspiring to be more conscious about what I experience through the senses.  What is easiest for me to be aware of is taste (food). So I try to experiment with other senses. Lately, I have been really found of soft blankets that feel like teddy bears. I am also looking for soft fleece type fabric with unicorn print on it to make face blankets for my massage table craddle. If you happen to see any in your sensory travel, let me know!
I am grateful for the softness of my blanket on my skin, the colors I get to see, the danse of sounds I get to hear, the smell of delicious cooking and of course the taste of the first bite I take…


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