Gratitude 149

I was going somewhere without my cellphone (OMG) and I wondered what I could think about that would contribute to my day. And I thought of my default subjects: since your thoughts influence how you feel, you might as well have good thoughts in order to feel good. So I prepared a list of thoughts that I can easily refer to when I want to consciously decide of the direction of my thoughts:
– I love my body / I am grateful for my body. Or what reason could I find to love my body?
– What could I tell myself  / remember that would make me laugh?
– What’s great about my life?
– What could I write  about in my next gratitude post? What am I grateful for?
The facilitator this weekend told us that our brain is an answer finding machine. So it is important to ask empowering questions that will lead to positive responses if one wants to feel good…
What would it take to laugh more?


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