Gratitude 123

I have talked about how my mum expressing happiness when I was a child, annoyed me. It always puzzled me as well that I was annoyed.
I thought for a while that she was faking it and maybe that’s what annoyed me.
But now in retrospect, I believe that it made me aware that I didn’t perceive what she perceived (Joy / happiness) while wanting to and that’s what annoyed me. Maybe it was a bit of jealousy. Or maybe I was perceiving what she was saying as boasting even tho it was just appreciation…
Still pondering…
What awareness could I have that would allow me to be happier even if it is considered boasting/annoying?
I am grateful for being able to be happy for other’s expression of happiness.


About MeliJoy

Access Consciousness Facilitator for Joy, Ease, and Glory. What else is possible?
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