Gratitude 121

When I go to one of the energy healing classes that I go to, I often get asked by others: “How did your life change since you’ve been going to those classes?” I was often puzzled at what to say because nothing really changed in my life.
Recently, I had the strong realisation that my life hasn’t changed, I have changed. I am now able to appreciate my beautiful life more and more even though it has not changed. How does it get any better than that?
I read an article talking about the point of view that happiness is just a choice. Not that long ago, I still disagreed with this point of view. Now I understand that since what we think about, what we focus on is what creates happiness, then we can choose what we think about which is like choosing happiness. Yes it is not easy, it is like a muscle to train, it requires practice. And it is possible.
I am grateful for this new level of understanding.


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