Gratitude 109

I saw an article on Facebook titled “Stop trying to be happy”. It said that you don’t try to be angry, you just are, so it should be the same for happiness.
I disagree with this idea: anger and happiness are not the same. If it was as easy to be happy as it is to be angry, there would be many more happy people on the planet…
While searching for more on this I came accross “happiness is just a choice”. The choice is often in how we choose to see our circumstances. And the choice is sometimes hard and may seem nonexistent. Yet the choice is there somewhere.
I am trying to be happier and happier and happier and even happier. My trying is a journey. My interesting point of view is “never give up on trying to be happy”.
And if what you’ve been trying up until now doesn’t work, try something different! (I can help with that!)
I am grateful for more happiness in my life.


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