Gratitude 88

Yesterday, I had a fun evening going to the fireworks. Among other things I really enjoy walking down the middle of busy streets (Denman and Robson). I am grateful for being able to walk in the middle of the street and having fun doing it.
While in the sea of human sharing the fireworks with me, I noticed that I was grateful for things for which I was comparing myself to other people. For example,  I was grateful to have all my limbs. Not “just because” but because I saw a young woman who had lost one of her arms.
Often I am grateful for my circumstances being different than those of other people and I was wondering if it is really gratitude when I compare myself to others.
So I did a little research and found an article  that describes gratitude from comparing oneself to others as “Catholic Gratitude”…
The next article called the same thing “downward social comparison” (much less glamourous  than Catholic gratitude)…
In the end, the second article suggested that it all comes down to the question you ask yourself. And one possible question is: what went well today?



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