Gratitude 73

I was talking about gratitude with a friend of mine and she mentioned the Coué method. It is a method of conscious autosuggestion, famous in France. I wondered: how is gratitude journaling different from auto-suggestion?

Maybe for some people it is the same and for others it isn’t. 

The way I see it, gratitude is just one tool to increase my well being and it is not the only one. It is important to me to use as many tools as I can and to keep looking for different tools that work for me. In the end, gratitude may work better when used together with other well being tools. 

And gratitude journaling may work some days and not work others. But when we stop on the days when it seems like it is not working, it makes it harder to use on the days when it would work.

What other tools could you discover to bring more magic into your life?


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