Recently, someone was mentioning the personification of the Universe that is possible in the question “how is the Universe supporting you today?

The way I see it, the universe is not deciding or judging who or what to support or not support. The universe just is. And by existing, the universe can be supporting or not. The question is about focusing on what is supportive of my life just because it is, so that it increases my ability to see the good things in my life. In a way, it has nothing to do with the universe. And at the same time, is it possible that including the Universe in my question would create more magic, just for fun?

I suppose I could also ask “how do I support myself today with what I focus on?” It’s just not as evocative for me…

So for today, how much magic (wonderful, exciting, fascinating, captivating, charming, glamorous moments) are you able to focus on?



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