Gratitude of June 30, 2015 day 55 of 365 days of gratitude

I have been wondering the last few days about my gratitude post and my ability to “feel” grateful. I know I am grateful for things but my body doesn’t always follow suit. So this morning in my search for more gratitude I found a great article. The author suggests to replace the question “What am I grateful for?” with “How is the Universe supporting me in my life right now?”

This question makes so much sense. 

As I continued reading the article, in the list of how the universe is supporting the author’s life one of them made me smile: free Internet at Starbucks. 

I don’t have a data plan for my phone and I often rely on this. 

I am grateful for this question and this article that showed mr that gratitude can show up in my body in a different way than I expected. A smile can represent gratitude… What else do we forget to consider as gratitude?

So how is the Universe supporting you in your life today?


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