365 days of Self-Love Day 7

Today I was following an online yoga workout and the facilitator suggested using different positive affirmation for each sun salutation. I noticed that my brain was arguing with some of the affirmation, the facilitator was offering. It reminded me on of the Geotran process to change belief. In the middle of yoga, I couldn’t use it so I modified the affirmation to one I was happy to repeat to myself during the yoga pose: I am grateful for my life and my body.

I believe that a big part of self-love is a matter of re-educating our brain, changing our thoughts patterns to positive supportive ones instead of habitual unbriddled negative self talk.

365 days of Self-Love Day 6

In our Geotran call this morning, one of the participants shared her discovery: “I am in the deepest self-love when I don’t judge” She explained further, describing a recent experience where while talking to people she noticed herself thinking “they don’t like what I am saying.” She was able to catch herself, noticing that this was a judgement, and release it. She added that “I was able to feel love for myself and for them.”

What a great example of self-love! Noticing our own thoughts and not believing them is an act of self-love.

365 days of Self-Love Day 3

Ooops I did it already: I forgot to post my day 3 post on the Self-Love journey. When I realized that I had forgotten, I heard a common family reaction “C’est malin” translates to “that’s smart” with a tone that clearly adds the word “not” (That’s NOT smart!)

What a perfect exercise in Self-Love: practicing self-forgiveness! In Geotran, we have a forgiveness practice so that’s what I did. I forgive myself for my forgetfulness and all the places I am not perfect.

If you don’t have a self-forgiveness practice, look it up!

Gratitude 364

Last July, I moved from a East facing room to a West facing room in Kitsilano. The West facing room, is smaller, warmer and in worst shape than the East facing room. But this is why I moved.
I am grateful to be able to admire those colors!


Gratitude 363

I started exercising in the last week of December 2015. I had made a New Year resolution in January 2015 to move more to help my body stay healthy. Later in the year, I talked to a colleague of mine who recommended starting with only one day a week of exercising instead of attempting to start with 4 or 5 days a week. That really worked for me and it was still a few month until I finally got to start.
So now it has been 4 full months since I started and I am starting to feel results: more strength, more stamina, more fun while I exercise. How does it get any better than that?
I had read somewhere that people who make New Year’s resolutions are more likely to succeed at them than people who don’t. Because some resolutions get left behind but some don’t.
I am grateful for New Year’s resolutions!

Gratitude 362

Today, I drove around the block to talk to the owner of this unusual dwelling:
John, he said his name was build a small home on the platform deck of a 1946  International Harvester KB-6 truck.
His home had huge Windows and a wood stove inside. I told him I was admiring his handy work and asked permission to take pictures for my gratitude post. So then we talk about gratitude and other stuff. It was awesome!
John told me that his tiny home was a recording studio. I only saw the front because the front door was opened and the stove and the kitchen were right there. There was a mixing thing that one would see in music studios. It was attached to the wall next to the kitchen…
I am grateful for the interaction!



Gratitude 361

I waited until the last minute to do my taxes. I remember when you had to add up every thing manually. Tax preparing software makes it so easy and so much faster.
Eventhough I love adding numbers, I am grateful for tax preparation software.