Gratitude 307

I am grateful for laughing so hard that I cried. I noticed that it is much easier to laugh when I am already happy in the first place. One more reason to increase gratitude: it increases happiness which in turn increases laughter.

Gratitude 306

I was making plans with my family and I had a sense of this French expression: «mordre la vie à pleine dents». In English it sort of translates into living life to the fullest.
I am grateful for this feeling. How does it get any better than that?

Gratitude 305

I am reading a book on fearless living. The author talks about gratitude exercises as a way to reframe our life and stop complaining. On page 211 to 213, she write about recommendations to add more gratitude to your life.
I am grateful for this good book.

Gratitude 304

I am grateful for my gentle dentist and the fact that freezing exists. I feel like Droopy on one side of my face!



Gratitude 303

In the teleclass I took on Gratitude, the facilitator explained how gratitude is learned and not innate. Today, I practice learning gratitude by finding something to be grateful for in everything I saw around me: the little corner of blue sky between the clouds, the clouds themselves, the carpet, the desk, the heater, the lamps,  my trusted backpack, my work rolling briefcase.