Gratitude 198

I was petting my friend’s cat and I could see the pleasure he got from being scratched around the neck. He was so into it, so present with the experience. What would it take for me to be more aware of life’s little pleasures?
I was reading an article about gratitude and it said that we can not have gratitude without humility, without realizing that nothing we take for granted is due.
I am grateful for all the things I take for granted like running water, hot water, heat in the house. Happy thank you more please!


Gratitude 197

I was watching a show where one of the characters said “You have a second chance at life, make the most of it.” What if we could make the most of it the first time around. I often wonder what I could do or create or be that would give me the sense that I am making the most of it. Lately, I have felt that my life is special to me. And I am grateful for that. Happy  thank you more please!

Gratitude 193

I am grateful for a magical day: deep gratitude experience, macadamia nuts off the tree, strangers offering food (half an avocado locally grown, bigger than my hand), turtles sleeping in the sun and amazing visit at the volcanos.
Happy thank you more please!


Gratitude 192

When there is tragedy around, being grateful may seem out of place, like a lack of compassion… so be it.
Today is a celebration for me. I celebrate choosing to deepen my commitment to my relationship with Rolly. I am grateful for this choice and I choose him again.