Gratitude 159

I want to feel more alive, more vibrant with gratitude for being alive. According to Matt Kahn, if I declare that I am that, I accelerate the process of becoming it. So here it is:
I am grateful for my life, I feel vibrant with energy and the feeling of gratitude and Joy.
What are you declaring, what are you being and  becoming today?


Gratitude 158

I tried to go voting and there was such a long line up that I turned around. I will go later.
I am grateful that I live in a country where I can vote and that so many others decided to do the same at the same time I did. They are so smart!!!

Gratitude 157

While looking for gratitude ideas, I came accross a great article. It had four questions that would really please my dad, Alain, because they don’t use the word gratitude which as you may know has a different connotation in French:
What touched me today?
Who or what inspired me today?
What made me smile today?
What’s the best thing that happened today?

I am grateful for my colleague who laughed with me to the story I was sharing and for Rolly for providing the story…

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Gratitude 155

This morning I was going through notes I wrote in 2012 and I found one that I had titled My book of Awesome. I had started it after coming across “The Book of Awesome” from Neil Pasrisha and thought it was a great idea. Over several days, I had written things that happened that I thought were awesome like wearing my gumboots and enjoying stepping into puddles or feeling fashionable because other women at the bus stop were wearing gumboots too!
I realized that a book of Awesome is similar to a gratitude journal. Reading it this morning certainly lifted my mood one notch higher.
So what’s in your book of Awesome?

Gratitude 154

One of my colleagues showed me different things he produced with his 3D printer. I was ecstatic looking at a little dragon that he had produced. Seeing my enthusiasm, he offered to print something for me. A unicorn? He gave me the name of a website with models of things that have been programmed for 3D printing. There was no acceptable unicorn programmed yet but a few Pegasus unicorns. Here is the one he printed for me. I am grateful for the fun!


Gratitude 153

I saw a quote on Facebook from Paulo Coelho: “When every day seems the same, it’s because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our life.”
I noticed the beautiful colors of the leaves. And I would really notice the delight of eating a scrumptious cookie with white chocolate and cranberries…
What are you noticing today that could make the different than yesterday?




Gratitude 152

When I was a kid my parents often said “the world belongs to early risers”… « Le monde appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt » seemed more profound somehow… Anyway, either from that or from my own disposition, I tend to enjoy getting up early. And this morning, in the wee hours outside, the air was crisp, the sky clear and illuminated by the waning moon and many many stars. I am grateful for the beauty I got to admire this morning.

Gratitude 151

Yesterday, I had a thought that some things that were not great could bring me joy after the fact. For example cleaning our house. So this morning before anything else I made a plan of what/where I would clean first and second and so on. 5 hours later, I am done, I am not sure where is the joy, but I am certainly relieved. And come to think of it, I am quite happy with myself to have stuck with the plan despite a few deviations. Above all, I am very grateful for Rolly who does that most of the time.

Gratitude 150

Domi, my mum, told me the following story (in French):
At the supermarket, she said to an employee stocking shelves: “Hello, how are you?”
He replied: “I get by / I make do” (translation gap)
Mum: “Not more?”
Him: “Uh, no.”
Mum: “Me, I am doing amazing. May I ask you a question?” She asked him where to find something and continued her shopping. When she walked by him a bit later he said: “Thank you. I feel better now.”
What an wonderful gift to be able to uplift someone’s mood by acknowledging our own good mood!
What would it take for more of that to show up?
I am grateful for getting inspired!