Gratitude 354

Today, Rolly agreed to do a work out with me. I finished my 6 weeks challenge, and I’d like to continue but it is harder to do that alone. At the end of the workout he even said let’s go running now. As we left our building, running side by side, I told Rolly: “Look … Continue reading Gratitude 354

Gratitude 353

I read on Facebook a post that said something like we attract what we believe or what we think or something along those lines. I didn’t quite pay attention because I don’t think I really believe that. But if it is true, I must believe or think something great to have such a great life. … Continue reading Gratitude 353

Gratitude 349

Last night, I took a detour “by accident” and ended up driving by the ocean just at sunset. I turned in a side street to watch it and found parking straight away. As I am admiring the beautiful orange, my favorite of all favorites, sunset orange, I see two woman with binoculars looking in another … Continue reading Gratitude 349

Gratitude 345

I am grateful for a class full of people who are changing their way of looking at things, in order to be happier. It is so nice to be surrounded by so many happy people!