365 days of gratitude

May 5, 2015 - Gratitude After watching a youtube video on cabinet beds, I saw on the suggested video list a Tedx talk on Gratitude. It was so odd to see it suggested after a video on furniture that I watched it. That, and I am interested in Gratitude... Several videos later I had gathered … Continue reading 365 days of gratitude

Gratitude 364

Last July, I moved from a East facing room to a West facing room in Kitsilano. The West facing room, is smaller, warmer and in worst shape than the East facing room. But this is why I moved. I am grateful to be able to admire those colors!

Gratitude 363

I started exercising in the last week of December 2015. I had made a New Year resolution in January 2015 to move more to help my body stay healthy. Later in the year, I talked to a colleague of mine who recommended starting with only one day a week of exercising instead of attempting to … Continue reading Gratitude 363

Gratitude 362

Today, I drove around the block to talk to the owner of this unusual dwelling: John, he said his name was build a small home on the platform deck of a 1946  International Harvester KB-6 truck. His home had huge Windows and a wood stove inside. I told him I was admiring his handy work … Continue reading Gratitude 362

Gratitude 361

I waited until the last minute to do my taxes. I remember when you had to add up every thing manually. Tax preparing software makes it so easy and so much faster. Eventhough I love adding numbers, I am grateful for tax preparation software.

Gratitude 360

Today, when I arrived in the office there was a bouquet of orange flower! Since I was alone there, I moved it from its location to sit on my desk so that I could admire it through out the day! I am grateful for orange bouquet of flowers.

Gratitude 359

I read an awesome post from Blossom Benedict (sorry I couldn’t share it). She talked about a special product that she had been purchasing for years, and enjoying for years when suddenly it was no longer available. She found out that it used to be made by a family on a small scale. She realized … Continue reading Gratitude 359

Gratitude 355

I had a great conversation with my dad today: we talked about an ancient native legend saying that God or the gods created human by first imagining (thinking) him/her. (If you know about this legend, PM me, I'd love to know more). We also talk about how you “attract” what you are interested in: when … Continue reading Gratitude 355