Geotran™ Integration

My interest in muscle testing led me to Geotran™. I decided to try it and the first integration I received had such an impact on me that I had to learn the art of Geotran™ for myself.

Geotran™ is the use of geometry and numbers, entered in a person’s electromagnetic field to allow new information, new responses for the brain/mind, the body, and the spirit.

You can go to the following websites for wonderful in-depth descriptions of Geotran™:

Click to access 18%20What%20is%20Geotran.pdf

A Geotran™ session is called an integration.
You decide on an intention, something you want to change or be different in your life or something you want to accomplish. We look at what it means to you and what are the blocks, negative thoughts, and belief systems that need to be removed. This is the information that is integrated so that your body, mind, and spirit get access to new information, different ways of thinking and acting /re-acting. This creates space for new possibilities.

An integration takes from 75 to 90 minutes.

Cost: Integration : $60 (Canadian Tire money and Monopoly money not accepted 🙂 )

The free demonstration is not an integration but will give you an idea if Geotran™ can work for you.

**Please note: Geotran™ is not intended to replace a physician or other health care providers.**

One thought on “Geotran™ Integration

  1. Melinda’s energy, knowledge, skills and quest for ever expanding her skill set is applause worthy! I have been on the receiving end of many types of energy work in my life and Melinda’s is powerful. She is a skilled Geotran healer and I have had several sessions with her. She is very good at what she does and I highly recommend her!

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