Cancer Research

People do heal themselves of stage IV cancer. The media doesn’t talk about them because it is not dramatic enough.
I know that the healing modalities I have learned, have assisted in some cases of stage IV cancer. I know other modalities, that I have not learned yet, have healed stage IV cancer.
I am called to use what I have learned, mainly muscle testing and Geotran™, to assist cancer patients to claim back their life.
I believe that if you arrived to this page and you have been diagnosed with a specific time left to live, we are meant to meet and help each other.
My life mission is to empower others back to more joy through a different perspective. For me, this includes awakening your own healing ability.
I don’t know what the outcome will be. I am only suggesting: “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

One thought on “Cancer Research

  1. I had the distinct opportunity to work with Melinda, and experience and benefit from her years of well-honed skills that embrace the “Way of the Heart” tools. We worked together once a week for 3 months which also incorporated an intensive weekend retreat in Whistler.

    Melinda helped me navigate the dramatic crises of the diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Each week I would begin the session as a ball of intertwined string and she had the superb skill of pulling out a thread, helping me to hone in on a primary issue that unraveled and then provided direction – more often than not it being a welcome surprise as to how I could find my inner calm and then do so daily in my own home to get back to that comforting place.

    Melinda has superb counseling abilities – her compassion, neutrality, solid and dependable manner – and her way with words have provided me with the tools I need to face my challenges with hope and peace.

    I would highly recommend her to others!

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